Provulis LLC

Provulis LLC

A Biotechnology Startup Dedicated to Women's Reproductive Health 


Dedicated to Women's Reproductive Health. 

Headquartered in Massachusetts, Provulis LLC is a biotechnology startup dedicated to helping women suffering from endocrine disorders, infertility, and ovarian dysfuntions. Our technology is based on harnessing the power of Mullerian Inhibiting Substance, a natural ovarian hormone, for the benefit of women's reproductive health.  






Technologies and Therapeutic Opportunities


Mullerian Inhibiting Substance (MIS) is a member of the TGF-beta super-family. It is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the ovary to regulate folliculogenesis and hormone homeostasis.

Ovarian Disorders

MIS is an ovarian suppressant acting in a unique manner. Unlike other approaches based on gonadotropins or sex steroids, MIS blocks folliculogenesis at the source, by inhibiting the activation of primordial follicles, the first step in the growth of an egg. Thus treatment with MIS can spare the ovarian reserve or modulate folliculogenesis in a wide range of conditions where these processes are dysregulated.

MIS Protein Analogs

Our technology includes novel protein analogs of MIS which ensure scalability and yield for production of highly active, pharmaceutical grade, recombinant protein biologics. These proprietary modifications are the basis of our lead candidates PRV100 and PRV200.


Provulis is a biotechnology startup conducting preclinical and early clinical development of candidate biologics based on our proprietary MIS platform. Our lead candidate PRV100 is being developed for the protection of Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) in pre-menopausal women receiving chemotherapy. Our initial clinical studies will be conducted in breast cancer patient populations.  


The term "oncofertility" was coined by Dr. Teresa Woodruff in 2006 to describe the confluence of fertility and oncology. As survival rates for cancer improve, loss of fertility has become a growing problem for women who receiving chemotherapy. While some options exist such as embryo freezing, they are only available to women with partners, not possible for pediatric patients, and can delay the treatment of the cancer and negatively impact the outcome of treatment.  Finding new solutions to replace or complement current oncofertility options is a growing unmet medical need.

Partners & investors

Provulis LLC is seeking strategic partners and investors to fund further clinical development of our therapeutic platform.


The [MIS] ligand could serve an important role as a reversible, nonsteroidal female contraceptive and as a fertoprotective,or fertility protective, neoadjuvant to protect the
ovarian reserve of patients who have cancer. Particularly for the latter group of patients, and specifically for those patients who are prepubertal, these studies point the way toward a fast-track clinical trial that could profoundly improve the most devastating late effect of our most effective cancer treatments, sterilization.
— Dr. Teresa Woodruff, Director of the Oncofertility Consortium.


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