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Bettering Women's Reproductive Health Through Mullerian Inhibiting Substance 


Mullerian Inhibiting Substance (MIS), a naturally occurring hormone produced by the gonads (ovary and testis), has long been appreciated for its role in sex differentiation during the development of male fetuses. The laboratory of Dr Patricia Donahoe at the Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard Medical School) , who cloned the hormone and its receptor, has investigated the role of MIS in reproduction and for the treatment of cancer for over 40 years. Recently, jointly with the laboratory of Dr David Pepin (also at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School), new applications of MIS and recombinant protein analogs have been discovered for the treatment of ovarian dysfunctions. With the guidance of industry veteran Dr. Jacques-Pierre Moreau, Provulis LLC was founded to bring this new technology to the clinic and provide new effective treatment options for women's reproductive health.   

Provulis LLC was registered on August 24th, 2015.  Since then, we have pursued the pre-clinical development of our lead candidates PRV100 and PRV200 for various endocrine and fertility applications for women in collaboration with industry partners. 


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We at Provulis LLC are dedicated to bringing therapies based on the natural ovarian hormone MIS for the treatment of endocrine and reproductive disorders. If you are a patient, investor, scientist, or member of the community wanting to learn more about our technology we want to hear from you.

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Jacques-Pierre Moreau

Jacques-Pierre Moreau

Co-founder, CEO

Jacques-Pierre Moreau, DSc

Dr Moreau is the Chief Executive Officer of Provulis, and an industry veteran with an impressive list of accomplishments in bringing new biotechnologies to fruition. He is the co-founder of Biomeasure, Inc. (Boston, MA, U.S.A.), Kinerton, Ltd. (Dublin, IE), ProteoThera (Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.).
Former Chief Scientific Office and Executive Vice-president for Ipsen (Paris, FR) and member of Ipsen’s executive committee.
Former member of the board of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. (Science, Technology, Strategy and Risk committees).Former  board member of  Phytomedics  (Inventage  Venture ) 
Former advisor for Nitto Denko & Teijin Pharmaceutical (JP). He serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of DBV (Fr) , HRA (Fr) as well as an adviser to financial institutions such as Banque ODDO an Alcea capital. 

Active contributor to Ipsen’s IPO (at $400,000,000) and to the spin out of Preglem Pharmaceuticals (CH), Radius Health, Inc. (Waltham, MA, U.S.A.), Functional Therapeutics (Cambridge U.K.) and Rhythm Pharmaceuticals (Boston, MA, U.S.A.).



University of Orleans
M.Sc. Physical chemistry, 

University of Massachusetts    Doctor in Science.

Ecole Polytechnique de Paris

Activities & Affiliations

• author of over 50 articles
• co-inventor in over 40 US issued patents  
• Founder, co-founder and director of multiple sucessful biotechs.



Patricia K Donahoe MD

Patricia K Donahoe MD


Patricia K Donahoe, MD

Patricia K. Donahoe is Director of Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories and Chief Emerita of Pediatric Surgical Services at Massachusetts General Hospital where she has worked virtually her entire career, and the Marshall K. Bartlett Professor of Surgery (Tenured) at Harvard Medical School. She received her MD from Columbia University in New York City, New York, and BS from Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts where she currently serves on the Board of Trustees. She is a member and past Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board at St. Judes Medical Center and has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Board at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and of the NICHD National Advisory Council.

She has published over 230 peer-reviewed publications in developmental biology concentrating on Mullerian Inhibiting Substance as a potential anticancer agent against human ovarian carcinomas, as well as the genetics of sex differentiation and a number of other congenital anomalies for which she has been steadily funded by the NIH. Dr. Donahoe and her colleagues, particularly David MacLaughlin, hold a number of patents on MIS. They purified the human MIS, cloned the MIS gene and that of its receptors, studied their regulation and their roles in the growth, diagnosis, and treatment of ovarian and other reproductive tumors, and used MIS as a marker in the diagnosis of human tumors in human intersex disorders. She is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, and American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Donahoe served as President of the Boston Surgical Society and is President-elect of the American Pediatric Surgical Association. She has received many research prizes and honorary degrees for her work on MIS, but her fondest dream is to see it developed as a therapeutic for ovarian and other reproductive cancers.



Columbia University
Doctor of Medicine

Boston University
Bachelor of Science

Activities & Affiliations

• Director of the Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories
• Member of the National Academy of Sciences



David Pepin, PhD

David Pepin, PhD


David Pépin, PhD

Dr. David Pepin is a principal investigator at the Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories of the Massachusetts General Hospital, and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Dr Pepin was the lead author of the study which led to the development of Provulis' lead protein analog candidates, made the original observations, and is the senior author, of studies showing their application in oncofertility. His laboratory studies the role of MIS in ovarian function and for the treatment of endocrine disorders related to fertility. Current efforts in the laboratory include small molecule screens of MIS pathways activators through a Gates Foundation Grand Exploration Challenge. 



University of Ottawa
PhD in Cellular and Molecular medicine

Harvard Medical School

Activities & Affiliations

• Harvard Medical School

• Massachusetts General Hospital 

Ongoing collaborations: Guangping Gao, University of Massachussetts Medical School, Director of the Horae Gene Therapy Center.